Meet Tyler

Welcome to the official website of Tyler Gould, a rising singer/songwriter, and a dedicated advocate for mental health. From the moment he first held a guitar in his hands at the age of 14, Tyler embarked on a transformative musical journey that would shape his life and inspire others along the way.  

Tyler's music is a captivating blend of Country and Americana, infused with the heartfelt emotion and compelling storytelling of Country Music. Drawing from his own personal experiences, his songs delve into the depths of overcoming mental health challenges associated with addiction-related obstacles, including anxiety, depression, and homelessness. With every note and every lyric, Tyler's music resonates with authenticity, offering solace, hope, and a sense of connection because everyone faces similar emotions throughout life.  

At the age of 14, Tyler got into some trouble and found himself grounded for an extended period. With the extra time, and encouragement from his family, he picked up a guitar and began teaching himself how to play. He quickly discovered both talent and passion for music. In the years that followed, his natural talent for writing lyrics and music emerged, unveiling a creative force that would guide him through the years to come.  

For a decade Tyler faced many addiction-related obstacles, such as anxiety, depression, and homelessness. Despite the hardships, he remained determined and focused, ultimately finding his way to a healthier lifestyle. Through his music, Tyler aims to inspire others, proving that with unwavering perseverance, any obstacle can be overcome.  

In 2018, Tyler was living homeless in Hawaii, until his sister Chelsea played a pivotal role in bringing him back home and helping him embark on the path to sobriety. This experience not only led to Tyler reclaiming his life but also strengthened the bond between him and his sisters, Chelsea and Hannah.  

However, the following year brought an unforeseen tragedy as Chelsea tragically passed away due to a heart defect. Chelsea had always been one of Tyler's greatest supporters and had a profound influence on both his life and his music. Even today, her memory and impact remain an enduring part of Tyler's journey and creative expression.  

Recently, Tyler's talent caught the attention of Rodney Good, a respected Nashville producer who has worked with legendary artists such as Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings, and Jamie O'Neal. Invited to Nashville, Tyler seized the opportunity to further develop his craft and collaborate with industry professionals who recognized his exceptional potential.  

Sharing the stage with esteemed Grammy-nominated artists such as Billy Dean, Dove Award-winning Ty Herndon, and ACM and Billboard Awards winner Jamie O'Neal, Tyler has found support in the music industry. Tyler captivates audiences with his powerful performances and profound lyrics. His music serves as a testament to the complex emotions and triumphant moments that define the human experience.  

Tyler's ultimate goal is to forge genuine connections with others, guiding them through their struggles and inspiring them to discover their own determination, focus, and alignment with their true purpose for success and happiness.  

Tyler is the son of Ben and Michelle Gould and is married to Diana Arenas. They share two step-children and a daughter of their own.  

Prepare to be uplifted, moved, and inspired by Tyler Gould—the artist who fearlessly shares his journey through music, reminding us all that triumph is possible, even in our darkest moments.